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Qsl adress:                                                                         LOCATOR: JP20OI. (Locator at Sotra isl is: JP20ME)
Johnny Astad
Vestre Vadmyra 16/5172 Loddefjord.
Qsl only via LOTW & E-Qsl


Hello Im Johnny LA1VNA.. I live at the west coast of Norway.. The main city is Bergen.
Im born in 1961. I am very active at HF bands. Working the most of the modes. Very active at FT8 at the moment. Also active from Sotra Island, EU-055..

  My radios is Icom IC-7600, IC-738, Tentec Jupiter.  Kenwood TS-590SG, Kenwood , Acom 1000 PA. Use  a 63 meters longwire antenna at present time.. in our car I use an Kenwood TMD-710 with GPS, same kind of radio in our boat. ( la1vna-8 )
Our summerhouse LA1VNA-4.
See aprs.fi here

Our boat. LA1VNA-8


My Wife, Monica and Rikki (RIP Rikki )



Some of my awards in FT8. Just clic at the picture to enlarge.